Rate Beer – Best Beer Retailer 2012

Chicago Tribune – A Long Road to Realizing Their Pipedream – “Lewis and Oslon met in early 2008 while working at West Lakeview Liquors, one of the city’s longest-tenured craft beer stores.” – A Q&A with Kristina Bozic – “I do a lot of research. I talk and communicate with the brewers a lot. For me it’s pretty simple – if everyone else has it, why would I want it?” – A Catalyst For Evil Twin Brewing In America – “I just knew they would get along great. Especially since Jep always wanted to live in New York and they are both in the biz. [I] figured they should meet up.” – Online Store Review – “I received many suggestions about good online beer stores … one of those stores is West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago, Illinois. I was not to be disappointed!

Chicago Magazine – The Drinker’s Guide: 29 Great Winter Brews “It’s really rich, far more than lighter gueuzes.”


Chicago Reader – Best Liquor Store 2011

Rate Beer – Best Beer Retailer 2011

Chicago Magazine – Chicago’s 15 Best Bars, Gastropubs and Liquor Stores for Craft Beer – “… real beer fiends flock for the rotating lineup of rare, and sometimes exclusive, imported bottles lining the shelves like a parade of nations.”

Chicago Magazine – What Beer Are You Drinking?

Roscoe View Journal – West Lakeview Liquors: A Vast Collection of Booze – “… Inventory so vast and varied it boggles the mind managed by a staff whose knowledge and passion is contagious.”


2010 – He Sipped She Sipped – “West Lakeview Liquors: Evolving as North Center Evolves”

Chicago Reader –  Best Beer Selection at a Liquor Store 2010 – “West Lakeview Liquors has a lovingly curated selection”

Center Stage Chicago – Be the (G)host with the Most – “Expect a good selection of seasonal suds, shelves lined with affordable wines and a storefront decorated with fall-friendly dried cornstalks to boot.

Style Chicago – Our Favorites… – “West Lakeview Liquors is known for their huge craft beer selection, excellent quality wines, top shelf liquors and a very knowledgeable staff.”

Chicago Reader –  Best Liquor Store 2010

Rate Beer – Best Beer Retailer 2010


Rate Beer – Best Beer Retailer 2009


Chicago Magazine – Go West – “…tucked into what amounts to less than a pantry of space, is a beer inventory that should blow your mind.”

Rate Beer – Best Beer Retailer 2008


Chicago Reader – Bye Bye Bell’s

Center – West Lakeview Liquors – “…a veritable exotic alcohol haven.”