Scorched Earth Brewing Co.

Algonquin, IL – Chicagoland • Est. 2014

Once upon a time… the brewery’s co-founder, optimist and perpetual dreamer – Mike Dallas – decided to turn his love of craft beer, homebrewing, and sharing his passion with others into a plan to open a brewery. Jen, his wife and pragmatist, was a bit skeptical after supporting so many of Mike’s “loves,” including the guitar, woodworking, and the bagpipes, as well as “careers” including the Air Force, law and public administration. But it was Mike’s drive, paired with Jen’s new found interest in craft beer, and the intrigue of being a business owner, that eventually led her to support his dream and transform their lives into brewery owners. Since August 2014 (when the brewery opened to the public), their lives as owners of a new brewery have never been more crazy!

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