Edelster Aventinus – Chardonnay Barrel



Product Description

40% ABV

Aged 1 year and 4 months in French Chardonnay barrels.

Edelster Aventinus in its distilled form maintains its beautiful banana and dark strawberry nose combined with black peppery hop spice and hints of basil and clove. Its smooth, sticky mouthfeel compliments the fruity malt sweetness (strawberry/ pear/banana becoming vanilla) in perfect balance with the acidity and black-pepper bitterness. The distillery Schraml is an established family business located in the Old Provost’s Heritage Village, a former convent and rectory, with a rich history, at the foot of the Nature Park Steinwald. Mountains, strange rocks, white-water, ponds and plenty of forest characterise this beautiful area. In 1817, Johann Baptist Schraml settled down with his bride in the estate at the Heritage Village Kaiserberg 111 (today Kaiserberg 16), which came with the established right, conferred by the Kingdom of Bavaria, to distill brandies and liqueurs from fruit and grain. Fine liquors from fruit and grain and fine liqueurs have been produced here for six generations ever since. Raw materials are fruit and cereal from the meadows and fields of Schraml’s own agriculture. The property also houses a bakery and a small communal brewery. Thus, in addition to fruit brandy and grain spirits, their own Zoigl beer is openly sold and served.

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