FEW Big Star Amaro



Product Description

45.0% ABV • 90 Proof

With a whiskey backbone might be a more accurate description for this collaboration between FEW Spirits and Chicago’s famous whiskey and taco joint, Big Star.

Instead of using a neutral spirit or fortified wine, as most Amaro’s – both traditional and new western do, FEW built this Amaro on their award winning bourbon. The added base texture contrasts with the bitter herb and tart cherry notes, making it a great choice for whiskey lovers looking for a new rocks sipper this summer. Or try it in a cocktail! It does a great job of replacing the vermouth in your Old Fashioned or the Campari in your Negroni.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 13.0 × 5.0 × 4.0 in