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Style: Ginger Ale • Non-Alcoholic

Blenheim is the oldest continuous independent soda bottler in the world.  Our passion spans the generations from the drinks creators, Dr. C.R. May and A.J. Matheson, to the third generation of the current owners, the Schafer family. Blenheim Ginger Ale is a Southern tradition that dates back to the 1800’s when Dr. C.R. May advised his patients with stomach ailments to drink the local mineral water flowing from a Blenheim, South Carolina natural spring. When these patients complained about the strong taste of the water, Dr. May added Jamaican Ginger to it to conceal the mineral taste.  Blenheim soon became so in demand that a bottling plant was opened in 1903.

Hot – Old #3 is our boldest flavor that tantalizes and tingles the taste buds, and goes down as smoothly as a firecracker exploding in your throat. Some say its sinus clearing heat snatches their breath away for a bit, while others thrive on the explosion of spicy ginger essence.

Not As Hot – Our #5 formula is little bit milder, but still retains that powerful burst of ginger personality that Blenheim fanatics crave. Our secret recipe balances the fiery soul of the ginger with a succulent blend of sweetness to produce a perfectly balanced ginger ale.

Diet – This is our newest entry into the Blenheim family of soft drinks, and is an excellent choice for today’s health conscious consumer. It still packs that giant wallop of ginger gusto with every delicious sip, but its low calorie sweeteners make it easy on your hips!



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Old #3 Hot, #5 Not As Hot


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