Cinco Sentidos Jabali-Tobala Mezcal

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ABV: 47.5%

This special 60 liter batch of Jabalí – Tobalá is the first time maestero mezcalero Alberto Martinez and his son Reynaldo have attempted fermenting and distilling agaves Jabalí and Tobalá together. The agaves used in this batch were wild harvested from up to 10,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of Santa Catarina Albarradas. The 65 Tobalá and 50 Jabalí piñas were cooked together in an underground oven before being fermented together, with the aid of nitrogen-rich bark from encino de agua, which helps stabilize the fermentation at such cold weather. The result is a decadent spirit with notable acidity, a slight vegetal quality with notes of spice, lactose and a long mineral finish.

A significant portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this special bottling will be donated to S.A.C.R.E.D., (Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development), which will use the funds to help with earthquake recovery in Oaxaca.

Distiller: Alberto Martinez
Region: Santa Catarina Albarradas, Oaxaca
Agave: 57% Jabalí & 43% Tobalá
Milling: By hand with wooden mallets
Fermentation: In stone with spring water and Encino de Agua bark
Distillation: Double Distilled in Clay Pot Stills

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