Illuminated Tony’s Humble Pie

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Style: Sweet Stout • 8.0% ABV 

I woke up early today – hung over from a night with friends new and old – to make this beer. While the water was being pulled I learned that Anthony Bourdain had hung himself, alone, in a hotel room in Paris. For reasons unnecessary to unfold, this hit me like a ton of bricks. And reminded me how far inside we can all hide ourselves in the false hopes that hiding will somehow enable survival. It reminded me how even the largest voices and the brightest stars will struggle to be in the world. And it reminded me of all the quiet, desperate struggles we all endure every day. And it humbled me. I want to carry this humility with me all of the time, to help me drive this aging boat with as much compassion as I can muster and with more compassion than any right thinking person would say is enough. I didn’t start this day intent on brewing a beer in honor of the lonely, desperate struggle we all manage in life. But that’s how life happens: in an instant and outside of your control. “Tony’s Humble Pie” was made to honor all if us and all of our very limited shots we have at life and the hope of finding Joy within it. As what seems like more and more darkness and regressive attitudes descend upon our planet every day, now more than ever do we need more Light, more Joy, more friends and more heroes to survive with together. In honor of that intent, IBW humbly offers you “Tony’s Humble Pie” in hopes that our homage to blueberry pie adds to your table, adds to your connections with friends and family, and adds, somehow, even a sliver more of light in a confoundingly difficult world.

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