Obstinée Absinthe


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69% ABV • 138 Proof • Switzerland

Since 2003, Gregory Franc & Cyril Rohner have made understanding and controlling each stage in the production of the historic Absinthe their priority. After several years they have created their own recipe, their own alembic still, and their distillation process – all three reflect their endeavor to come as close as possible to the historic Absinthe as it was when created in the late 19th century.

Absinthe is a Franco-Swiss product that has been distilled in the “Arc jurassien” for over 100 years, from Boncourt (Jura | Switzerland) to the Val-de-Travers (Neuchâtel | Switzerland) via Pontarlier (France). This absinthe verte is incredibly complex, and the distillation process is very difficult to control: first, the brewers macerate plants, then distill. After distillation, the brewers macerate for a second time with a different configuration of herbs to giv the final product the subtle aromas lost during distillation. This is the brewers’ secret!

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