Tarlant La Vigne d’Or Blanc de Meuniers


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France •• Grapes: 100% Pinot Meunier •

Vintage 2002

This cuvee la Vigne d’Or (The Golden Vine) comes from vines growing for more than 50 years on a chalky-clay subsoil – the Sparnacian. This exceptional terroir, only to be found in the Marne valley, allows the Pinot Meunier grape to express itself with rare beauty. You will never forget tasting this astonishing and intense Champagne. • Food: This is a wine to taste amongst connoisseurs, melding length and complexity. It would go fabulously well with dolphin fish (mahi mahi) grilled on the Hibachi, served on a bed of grilled pineapple with papaya salsa.

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