Wahaka Tobala Mezcal


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42% ABV • 84 Proof

Mezcal Joven | 100% Agave | Oaxaca, Mexico | NOM-0148X

Certified Organic by USDA & Mayacert

Agave Type: Tobalá grown in the wild, harvested after 12 years
Soil/Habitat: Yellow soil in the highlands with mountainous terrain
Region: Cultivated in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca located in the central valleys of Oaxaca in the district of Tlacolula
Oven: Cooked for 3-5 days in an earthen pit using ocote (pine) wood
Mill: Crushed in a tahoma (circular millstone)
Fermentation: 10-12 days in pine vats with wild (natural) yeast
Distillation: Twice distilled in copper stills


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