Distilerija Zaric Nirvana Pear Brandy

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40% ABV

Destilerija Zaric Nirvana Pear is our special brandy made of pear, having a very rich fragrance and taste. It is produced from the most valued pear cultivar, „viljamovka“ containing a high percentage of sugar and very little acid, therefore its aromatic matters are fully exposed. One bottle of brandy is produced from 8-10 kilograms of pears.

Destilerija Zaric Nirvana Pear brandy is made of ripe and carefully selected fruits, previously washed and dried. One of the characteristics of the production of this type of brandy is that pear must age for a certain period of time – after harvest and prior to use it is stored between two and three weeks in a suitable room where the level of sugar is increased by this aging process.

A yeast strain selection is added to the chopped and pealed pears used for the preparation of the fermentation and the controlled fermentation takes place at a certain temperature. The distillation process starts immediately after fermentation, after which a colorless and crystal-clear brandy is obtained.

Brandy is stored exclusively in innox containers where it undergoes its aging process since wooden barrels would violate its fragrance. Since pear brandy flavors are sensitive to light, temperature changes, and oxygen, aging represents an important process in brandy aging.

This is maybe the only pear-based rakia produced from the sort Williams whose name is not associated with the name of the sort. From the very first sip, you feel like you are experiencing nirvana. The aroma and the taste of the pears are so well preserved that it really feels like you have a piece of Williams pear in your mouth while drinking it. It is characterized by an extremely long aftertaste.




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