You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase beverages. By placing your order you have represented to West Lakeview Liquors that you are at least 21. All beverages delivered must be received and signed for by an adult of legal drinking age.

We offer several different delivery options from both UPS and FedEx at varying speeds of transit to accommodate our customers’ needs. When shipping your products, the buyer must ensure that the recipient is 21 years of age. Proof of age will be required at time of delivery. Customer requests such as “leave by front door” or “leave on porch” WILL BE IGNORED. We will not be able to refund any shipping charges if your package comes back due to the inability to provide legal proof of age and sign for the package.

The willful misrepresentation of your age or the age of the recipient is a crime in most states, and if you willfully misrepresent your age or the age of the recipient, we will cooperate with authorities to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

We make every effort to pack and ship orders within 3-10 business days, however we are a small shop with a small staff so we cannot absolutely guarantee that your order will leave our store in that amount of time. Orders received on Fridays after 4PM CST and days before and/or on major Holidays will be recognized by our Order Department the following business day. On occasion, items in limited supply will be placed on back order and we will notify you by e-mail when they become available. Should an item in your order need to be ordered we will hold your entire order till all items arrive to save you split shipping charges, unless you specify otherwise.

While we do sometimes delay shipping orders due to extreme high or low temperatures, West Lakeview Liquors is NOT responsible for weather related damage. Common carriers do not provide climate control over shipments. The purchaser assumes all risk brought on by the weather during shipment.  Please do not place orders when extreme hot or cold weather is expected. If you’re looking ahead at a week of hot weather from Chicago to wherever your order is going, just don’t order yet! Damage related to the weather and climate during shipment is not the responsibility of West Lakeview Liquors nor the common carrier. Unsuccessful first delivery attempts by the shipper will void any ability to return items or file claims.

  • We do not ship any alcoholic beverages to PO Boxes nor do we ship internationally.
  • Requests to add items to existing orders will not be honored.
  • Multiple orders cannot be combined. Orders are processed in the order they are received.
  • Orders are for shipping only. We do not offer an in-store pick up option. All items on the webshop are also available in-store until they are no longer in stock.

All items are sold from our licensed location in Chicago, Illinois. Title of the goods then pass to the buyer. We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship into any state outside of Illinois. The buyer is solely responsible for the shipment. By placing an order, you authorize us to act as an agent on your behalf to engage a common carrier to ship your order to your selected designation.

West Lakeview Liquors makes every effort to deliver the best customer satisfaction. If there are any problems with your order with respect to vintages, sizes, or any other specifics involving your order, please contact us right away. These issues must be communicated to us within 5 days of your receipt of the package in order to remedy the situation to the best of our ability. If you suspect the bottle is corked, spoiled, or is tainted in any other way, please call or email us. In such instances, keep the beverage in the bottle and reseal it with the original cork. We cannot return empty bottles. If otherwise returned or cancelled, all items are subject to a re-stocking fee of 20%. We will not be able to refund any shipping charges if the package was undeliverable from incorrect information supplied on your behalf during the check-out process. In such instances, to re-ship the package, new shipping and handling costs will be incurred.

Our clientele is reminded that various states impose limitations on the quantity of alcoholic beverages, which may be purchased and brought into their jurisdiction by a purchaser from another state without requiring the purchaser, a seller or shipper to possess certain licenses or permits. West Lakeview Liquors does not, as a condition of sale, assume any obligation nor bear any responsibility whatsoever for applying or obtaining any permits or licenses. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate the possibility of such limitations and determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages shall be brought into your state from Illinois so as to comply with all of your state’s requirements. All purchases by IL residents are subject to applicable sales tax.  This surcharge applies to product only, not shipping costs.