Koningshoeven La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #24



Product Description

Style: Abt/Quadrupel •• 11.0% ABV

Batch 24 presents itself with the normal amber brown color of the Quadrupel and has a relatively fragile head. In the enter cherries do smell right away and the equation on with lots of sweet ripe fruit. Besides cherries hints of mango, banana and strawberry come upwards. Also the smells of almond and vanilla are recognizable as that of alcohol, caramelmout and oak wood. The palate is full to even bombastic, warming and challenging and is dominated by cherry. Then come the flavors of vanilla and caramel-sweet and ends in a dry tannin bitter alcoholic aftertaste. The ’cherry-touch’ fills the Quadrupel-taste fine, making clear this batch is clearly different from all previous 23 batches. This particular components make batch 24 to a must for the enthusiast. Its fine bouquet is best savoured when this batch is served at a temperature of 16-18 °C (61 – 64.5 °F). BATCH 24 was distributed as follows: Used barrels Kirsch-schnapps 85% New Oak Medium Toast 10% Acacia wood 5%

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