Los Pilares ‘Pie Town Cider 2.0’ San Diego County 2019


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Style: Apple Cider • 9.8% ABV

Fruit Source: The apples come from Julian, California. The town is known for its orchards and is famous for its apple pies and its annual Julian Apple Days Festival, which began in 1949. Unlike San Diego’s coastal communities, Julian is unique as it has four distinct seasons. Up the road from the Los Pilares Vineyard is a small orchard planted by Teak, an obsessive orchardist. The orchard contains a wild menagerie of varieties. Los Pilares originally got to know Teak because they were using the apple waste from his mom’s pie and cider operation as compost for their vineyard.

Age of Trees: Most are 5+ years. There are also 100-year-old crabapple trees.

Varieties: Arkansas Black, Burford Red, Roxbury Russet, King David, Winesap, Stayman, Goldrush, Rome Beauty, Wickson, Hewe’s Virginia, Transcendent, Macoun, Baldwin, and a few others.

Winemaking Notes: The apples are pressed and recombined with some of the apple pomace and poured onto fresh wine lees. The cider is transferred to bottle with natural apple sugars to finish sparkling in bottle. Zero additions. Undisgorged.


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