Suze Aperitif


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20.0% ABV

Suze Aperitif. Pronounced like ‘sooz’, was originally listed because of it’s popularity as the Gentian liqueur ingredient in a White Negroni. In the early days, someone with solid knowledge in the cocktail world was pursuing bottles on Curiada while on the phone with customer service and exclaimed, “You have Suze!!”. The bottle, the cocktails it plays in, and even the brand name seem to frequently bring smiles to people’s faces.

While the cocktails do shine, Suze is a low alcohol aperitif (40 proof) and should not be overlooked as a casual sipper on the rocks, maybe with a lemon twist.

Tasting Notes The aroma is bold and complex. Comparatively the taste is gentle and delicate with balanced vegetal notes and subtle yet present citrus and floral tones.

Production Driven by a vision of a bright future for chilled aperitifs, Suze is a gentian based aperitif dating back to France in 1885. Today Suze is made from both wild and farmed gentian and production continues in Thuir, France. Quite interestingly, the spirit is produced in a facility designed by Gustave Eiffel, the designer and namesake of the Eiffel Tower. After picking, the gentian macerates in alcohol for one year before pressing, distilling, and a final blending stage.

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