Tarlant La Vigne d’Antan Chardonnay


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France •• Grapes: 100% Chardonnay –

Vintage 2000

Ungrafted (as they were in pre-phylloxera days) • Dating from the Lutetian era 45 million years ago, this terroir is the only remaining place where the Chardonnay can be grown ungrafted on its own roots. La Vigne d’Antan (The Vines of Yesteryear) reveals the true nature of the chardonnay grape, with aromas unknown elsewhere since the 19th century. This exclusive Champagne invites you to a timeless tasting of a wine of rare purity. • Food: Authentic and singular, this champagne of character is best appreciated when first tasted on its own. A great aromatic wine, which will accompany elegantly cooked shellfish to perfection.

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