Teryan Armenian Brandy

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A unique XO Armenian Brandy, Aged 8 years in Oak Cask • 40%ABV

Produced at Proshyan Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries of the country, founded in 1885, the same year as the poet’s birth, Teryan Brandy is made from the Mskhali and Kangun grapes, which come from the Ararat, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. To make this brandy, the wine goes through a double distillation in a copper pot still using the Charentaise distillation method. After the wine is distilled, the brandy is aged for 8 years in 400 liter oak barrels. The barrels are made of oak trees grown in the Tavush region of Armenia and cut at a minimum age of 50 years old. This process results in a brandy that combines floral and spicy notes, with a strong taste of fruit and oak.



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